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Girl Suffers from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

louisa ball

Fifteen-year-old Louisa Ball suffers from Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS), otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. This causes her to sleep for days at a time. Her longest "nap" lasted 13 days, and there's nothing doctors can do to stop it.


Baby Born Without Eyes

brielle garrison

Not all medical problems can be picked up during a routine ultrasound, as the parents of Brielle Garrison found out. Their daughter was born without eyes, a condition called anophthalmia. How common is this?


Think Twice Before Giving Cold Meds to Kids

baby receiving medicine

A 7-month-old baby recently died after accidentally being given children's cold medicine instead of infant cold medicine. Dr. Alanna Levine explains the dangers.


Medicine by the Spoonful Not a Good Idea

Girl taking medicine

A new study has found that people over- and under-medicate when using household spoons to dole out medicine. Here's how to make sure you get it right.


Chickenpox Put on the Spot

A new study targets parents who chicken out on giving their kids the chickenpox vaccine.


Warning: The Choking Game Kills

The Choking Game Kills
A new study has found that a third of the doctors -- 32 percent -- have never even heard of the choking game. But it can be deadly.


The Health Risks for Preemies

michelle duggar

Michelle Duggar gave birth to a premature baby who weighs just one pound, six ounces. What are the health risks this child faces? Dr. Alanna Levine explains.


All You Ever Wanted to Know about Swine Flu

family lining up for swine flu shots
Ask any mom who's tried to get the swine flu vaccine lately and you're bound to hear tales of fruitless calls to doctor's offices and endless promises that more doses are imminent. With health officials urging us to line up for the precious H1N1 shot and critics drumming up fears of scary side effects, it's no wonder the swine flu pandemic has turned into pandemonium.