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Frightfully Frugal: Halloween on a Budget

Mom holding dollar bills

With record numbers of Americans losing their jobs and homes, this year has been scary enough! To ease the terrified minds of all of my money-saving moms, I have come up with a few ways to keep a little more cash in your pockets!


It's OK for 11-Year-Olds to 'Date'!

boy looking at girl

If a little tween love can keep my 11-year-old godson from B.O. and tardiness, then I am all for it!


Gateway Profanity: Kiddie Cursing is NOT OK!

boy using profanity

Letting our kids use "replacement" curse words is just a pathway to the real thing.


Valentine's Day Aftermath

valentine's day aftermath

Well, another Valentine's Day has come and gone. For me, it was just another day to be reminded I am now 30 years old, single with no prospects in sight. Nice.


I Am NOT a Pregnant Teen!

pregnant woman

The girl couldn't have been a day over 18, and by all appearances, even that was really pushing it. Seeing my dumbfounded gaze, she responded (without hesitation), "I know: I look 16, right?" I was relieved that she had said it first. This "young girl" was actually a 30-year-old married woman, five months pregnant with her first child. I was shocked and a bit jealous of her youthful looks.


Rich, Powerful Men Cheat? Say It Ain't So!

Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Bill Clinton

In today's news, it truly seems that the BEST of the BEST continue to succumb to one of the oldest temptations in the book: ADULTERY. Why are we surprised?


Let's Show Haiti Our SOLES!

barefoot man in haiti

How much do we LOVE our shoes? I for one have pairs of shoes with tags on them because I just HAD to get that sale. Well ... I have had a little change of heart.


The Power of Princess Tiana

disneys the princess and the frog

This new Disney movie -- along with grossing millions, I'm sure -- has the ability to break down some serious color lines in our society. All I can say is, finally.