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dr. cara gardenswartz

Rehab 101

People who can afford to get the best of care are in and out of jail, rehab and hospitals again and again. Familiar tabloid names include Lindsay, Paris and Britney. Rather than asking, "What's wrong with them?", perhaps a better question is, "What's wrong with the system?"


No, I'm Not Having a Second Kid -- Get Over It!

mom and son

Why do people care so much that I only want one kid?!


Is Tiger Woods a Sex Addict?

tiger woods

Let's see if the infamous golfer passes the test.


Female College Students: What You Need to Know

College girl in her graduation gown

The following sentence makes even me cringe -- but I think it has to be said. I believe there should be some sort of program aimed at educating college women on their career options covering life-work-motherhood balance. Yes, I said it.


Dangers of Texting: It's Beyond Driving

mother and daughter holding mobile phones

Thought it was bad to text behind the wheel? It turns out there are other dangers associated with multitask texting.


How Jaycee Dugard Will Cope

jaycee lee dugard and phillip garrido

The only difference between people who go on to live relatively healthy lives following severe trauma and those who don't is how they cope with the trauma afterwards, and their ability to make sense of what happened.


What Is a Midlife Crisis?

jon gosselin and new girlfriend hailey glassman wearing ed hardy

Jon Gosselin says he's not having a midlife crisis -- even though he is riding motorcycles, wearing teen clothing, dating much younger women, getting tattoos, going on wild vacations, smoking, drinking, and spending extravagantly. This brings up the interesting question of what a midlife crisis truly is.


Nurture Your Relationship

couple kissing

Every relationship needs to be nurtured -- on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Couples can remind each other that they are thinking of each other throughout the day.