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dr. cara gardenswartz

Kids -- We're Getting Back Together!

couple on a date

Many couples decide to get back together after a long or short period following separation or divorce.


The Dreaded Words -- We're Moving

Every year, one out of five families in the U.S. move to a new town or city. Moving can be an extremely stressful time in a child's life. Momlogic's expert Dr. Cara Gardenswartz shares 14 tips to help your move go smoothly.


Your Son's Not the Man of the House

serious young child

Children need to rely on their parents to take care of them. In many families, however, children do not experience the carefree years of childhood. They are too busy being responsible -- and becoming adult-like. There isn't time for them to be children. They are required to be attentive to their parents' needs. Their childhoods are usurped by premature adulthood.


My Tween Doesn't Need a Makeover!

young girl applying make up

These days, girls are salon vets before they even enter elementary school. It's no wonder then that tweens insisting on wearing makeup to school are getting younger and younger. When is it OK for your daughter to begin her beauty routine? Our expert weighs in.


Grandma's Not Here Anymore

preschooler being consoled by parents

Death is one of the hardest topics to bring up with your child, no matter their age. But telling your preschooler that your parent has died adds another challenge -- she is old enough to think about and miss her grandparent, but too young to grasp the permanency of death.


Advice for Soon-to-Be Empty Nesters

woman sitting alone in house

Remember how hard it was to put your child on the school bus for elementary school? Well, now your child is off to college. And she's not even coming home for cookies and milk after school. She's not even coming home after school. In fact, the next time you see her might be Thanksgiving.


Group Therapy: A Cheaper Alternative

group discussion

More and more people are choosing group therapy during these challenging economic times.


Taking Care of Your Kids and Your Parents

family making dinner together

Many of us moms with children between primary- and high-school age have the responsibility of not only taking care of our kids, but also of our aging parents.