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My Kid's a Liar

toddler covered in paint lying

All children will lie during different stages of their development. While this is normal, parents can become very upset about their child lying and can feel like their child is being "bad." Once parents understand that lying is an expected behavior, they can treat it more calmly and appropriately.


Lying to Your Children

mom driving buckled up kids

In almost every situation, telling the truth teaches your kids to do the same with you -- to be truthful. Every time you lie to avoid a difficult topic, you miss a precious opportunity to talk openly with your children. You want to let them know that they can always turn to you, no matter the circumstance.


New Classes Teach Kids How to Be Nice

Scarsdale Middle School is teaching empathy classes this year in school in hopes that classmates will be nicer to one another. Is this a good idea? Psychologist Dr. Cara Gardenswartz weighs in.


Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

Although Radio Disney sensation Chris Brown allegedly beat girlfriend Rihanna, he has pleaded not guilty to two felonies -- assault and making criminal threats. Is this a "teachable moment" for moms? Here's what psychologist Dr. Cara Gardenswartz has to say.


Helicopter Moms, Listen Up!

Overprotecting your kids might be doing more harm than good, says a leading psychologist. Here's why.


How Teens and Tweens Deal with Death

Prince William and Prince Harry were 16 and 12 when their mother died. Natasha Richardson's sons Micheál and Daniel are 13 and 12. The tween and early teen years are hard enough in the best of circumstances. Add the death of a mother, and they can almost feel unbearable.


Chris Brown an Awful Kid's Choice?

Despite alledgedly engaging in some very un-family-friendly behavior, Chris Brown is still a contender for Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards.


Would You Rob a Bank if You Needed Cash?

Bruce Windsor is a father of four, church deacon and soccer coach. But this owner of a real estate company, facing potential financial problems, snapped -- and tried to rob a South Carolina bank last week. We're ALL under financial stress, but this doesn't mean we'll go rob a bank ... does it? A psychologist tells us how to deal.