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You're Paying Too Much for Property Taxes

couple paying bills

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: The real estate market has gone down.


Your Child Is Not a Paycheck

child with a piggy bank

We've all heard about the "deadbeat dads" who deserve every bit of the bad rap they get, so this week I decided to take a closer look at how child support guidelines are determined, where the flaws are, and whether or not they are fair. Here's what you need to know.


Summer on a Budget

family at the beach

Memorial Day has marked the beginning of summer, and the recession (the so-called "R-word," as I like to put it) hasn't quite passed. With the end of school just around the corner, I spent some time brainstorming great ways to have fun this summer on a reduced budget. Here are my tips for cheap date nights, fun with the family, and summer vacations without spending a lot of money.


Prenups Are So Passe . . . Meet the Postnup

woman thinking about money

Sooooo ... what if you should have gotten a prenup but ... you're already married?


Should You Be Afraid of a Prenup?

wedding cake couple with lawyer

With wedding season quickly approaching and new high-profile divorces every other day, I thought it was high time we discuss prenuptial agreements in the momlogic forum. This week, I consulted with a very prominent family law attorney in Beverly Hills to help me answer the question: Should we be afraid of prenups?


Do You Have a Secret Bank Account?

Shoe box filled with money

Late last week, a woman filed a lawsuit against Chase Manhattan Bank for contacting her husband regarding a bank account that she had kept secret from him ... a bank account that contained approximately $800,000 obtained prior to their marriage.


Your Name Could Affect Your Job

woman at a job interview

After graduating from college, I began to realize my friends were getting hired and my phone wasn't ringing. I asked a friend who worked in Human Resources to review my resume and help me figure out what the problem was. She quickly glanced over it and said, "It's perfect. You should use your middle name instead of your first name though."


The Price You Pay If You Don't File Today!

woman filing her taxes

Nobody likes to do their taxes. Well ... I guess tax accountants and those of us expecting refunds actually enjoy doing taxes but the rest of us look forward to our taxes just about as much as our dental appointments. Keep this information in mind before letting today's deadline pass you by.