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Sibling Rivalry: Butting Heads, Butting Out

boy and girl fighting

Is your kids' sibling rivalry driving you crazy? Read this!


144 Ounces of Holiday Cheer

beer tree

Need a fun last-minute gift for the humorous set?


Your Son in a Dress


There was an interesting, if not entirely original, article over at Salon recently about a father's struggle adjusting to his son's desire to dress up as Snow White for Halloween.


The RL Gang Conquers the World

The RL Gang
Fashion designer Ralph Lauren has come up with a charming new marketing tool for his line of fancy children's clothing, and you should check it out now -- if only to file it away in that folder you keep called "Items Indicative of the Approach of the End Times."


Sleepover-less in Seattle

Gay couple

Activities and decisions that may seem simple and straightforward for straight parents are often fraught with additional pressures and concerns for gay parents. Case in point: this letter I recently received about a couple who wants to have a sleepover at their house. Simple solution? Not really.


I <3 Lauren Myracle!

Lauren Myracle

Lauren Myracle finally made it to number one! It was just announced that her teen book, "ttyl" -- which is written in the language and style of kids' text messages -- is at the top of the American Library Association's list of books that are most frequently challenged by parents and community members. Since this churchgoing, choir-singing Colorado mother of three can't seem to keep her mind (or keyboard) out of the gutter, I decided that she is my new favorite author.


How Not To Speak Whine

kid whining

I usually enjoy cultivating open conversations with my kids. We talk about everything, all the time. But when opinions turn to a steady stream of grating complaints and I-wants, I sometimes long for the days when children were more likely to be seen and not heard.


Ada Calhoun on Parenting: 'Trust Yourself!'

ada calhoun

Ada Calhoun, author and founding editor-in-chief of Babble, has a few tips for all you helicopter mommies who are hunting for the perfect stroller. On the top of the list: "Relax!"