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Just Say No to Boys in Beauty Pageants

young boy wearing a tuxedo for beauty pageant

One of my colleagues recently brought to my attention an intriguing little story: the tale of a mom who, lacking a daughter (as well as any sense of shame), took to enrolling her son in beauty pageants. Sashay son!


No Kill Zone

kid holding gun aimed at family

What do you do when your kid wants to, er, kill everything -- real and imagained -- in sight? Gay Uncle Brett Berk weighs in.


I.P. Freilie

Every so often, there comes a product that is completely self-explanatory ... while still mystifying.


To Grandmother's House Wii Go

I've recently received a number of Wii-based questions from parents, the great majority of them falling into two categories: "How do I get my husband to share the Wii with the kids?" or "How do I keep my children (and husband) from becoming Wii addicts?"


It's a Jungle Down There

I was recently in Chicago for work, which gave me the opportunity to visit John and Mary. This pair used to be our last set of straight, childless friends. Not anymore.


Your Kid CAN Be a Foodie

A friend of the Gay Uncle's recently revealed that, while she's been down the line with her two daughters about things like sleep training, toileting, discipline, and most other markers of proper parenting, she's been a wimp about food.


What's in a Name?

An expectant mom recently wrote me a note. When you're a nationally renowned parenting guru, this kind of thing happens all the time. But her request was rather unexpected. She wanted to know what to name her kid. This seemed like such a personal decision. I wondered: What business do I have poking my nose into it?


Tackling Tiny Trannys

I recently wrote an article reviewing queer-themed books for young kids, and while my favorite responses came from bigoted zealots accusing me of helping to usher in Lucifer's reign, I was also delighted to receive notice (and then an actual copy) of a newly published picture book.