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Military Families Get a Break on Sitters

Soldier with his family

The Obama administration has teamed up with one of mommies' favorite resources to help out military families.


Rosy Times for Nannies

babysitter with mother

It's a very good time to be a caregiver.


5 Tips for Locking Down a Summer Sitter

sitter playing with children

Ah, summer. The time everybody takes off for vacation ... even your regular babysitter. Unless you want to spend your ENTIRE summer with your kids (and if you do, what's your secret?!), it's time to start finding a replacement sitter NOW!


To Nanny Cam, Or Not to Nanny Cam

babysitter nanny playing with a child

Even after you've hired a wonderful child care provider, you may still feel a little anxious about leaving your little one alone with someone other than yourself all day. Monitoring the relationship is a critical part of making sure your sitter is the right fit for your family and making sure you can actually function without all the worry.


Got Issues with Your Sitter?

woman talking with a caregiver

One of my colleagues once confided in me something about her babysitter she wished she could change: During meals, the sitter would record the child's feeding times ... and nothing else. 12:13 PM. 5:02 PM. Technically, she was doing her job. But my colleague wanted to know more to feel more connected.


What to Pay Your Babysitter

woman handing money to babysitter

It's one of the greatest mysteries of child care: What should you pay your babysitter?


Nixing Nanny Resentment

mom jealous of baby sitter playing with her kid

You love your nanny. You truly do. Even better, your child loves her too. But the first time you come home only to hear your child cry for his caregiver, those feelings of resentment start to bubble up to the surface. Your first instinct? Fire her.


How to Hire a Babysitter Online

couple looking anxiously online for a babysitter

Hiring a babysitter used to be such a simple process: plan a night out, call the neighborhood girl to come over, pay her a few dollars an hour, and enjoy your evening. But with today's caregivers undergoing special training, putting together detailed resumes, citing professional references, and actively seeking jobs online, child care is no longer confined to the cul-de-sac.