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My Picky Toddler Won't Try Anything New!

toddler in a high chair eating
Got a picky eater? Here are three little tricks that can help.


Teach Your Kids to Hunt ... for Healthy Foods!

family shopping for produce in the grocery store
You can make grocery shopping easier, more fun -- and teach your kids about nutrition while you're at it!


Healthy Is Not a Bad Word, Kids!

girl eating chicken
Our kids are bombarded with junk food options every day. With my own kids as well as with my clients' kids, I like to try to empower them with knowledge about foods that are healthy to choose.


Healthy Lunches That Pack a Punch

Concerned about what's in your kid's lunch? Check out expert tips on how to make sure your kids are eating right at school.


Get This! Your Back-to-School Grocery List

Get This! Your Back to School Grocery List
As the school year approaches, I like to think of easy and healthy foods to add to my kid's lunches. Here are a few must have on my back to school grocery list.


Doin' the Butt!

I was recently at a lunch meeting with a group of very amazing women. We were talking about food and how it can be used to shape different parts of the body. One of my favorite questions was asked of me: "Is there anything that can be eaten that will enhance the tone of my butt?"


Hollywood's Anti-Age Secret Comes in an IV?

iv bag of blood

One trend that has been around for some time in Hollywood is coming back into fashion: IV ozone therapy.


The Business of Food -- "Food Inc."

premiere of food inc

My son and I had the unique opportunity to attend an amazing premiere of the movie "Food Inc." There was such a profound energy of passion given off by these people whose blood, sweat, and tears went into making this film.