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Get Your Java Jolt On!

Most likely, your morning cup of coffee is part of your routine, as standard as grabbing your purse on the way out of the house. So you may not have given a second thought to the fact that there's been a lot of debate recently about whether drinking coffee is beneficial or detrimental to overall health. 


Why Teens Shouldn't Be Vegetarians

Teenage girl eating carrots
While I encourage my clients to eat plenty of non-starchy fruits and vegetables, I don't condone a completely vegetarian lifestyle -- especially for growing kids and teens. The trouble is that even if you're getting plenty of protein, there are still important nutrients missing. 


4 Reasons You Should Cook with Your Kids

mom and kids cooking
Here's why you should get your kids into the kitchen, pronto!


Saving the Next Generation of Couch Potatoes

kid sitting on the couch
More and more, I'm convinced that one day we're all just going to cease moving. Who needs legs when you're not using them? Kidding -- sort of. There are tons of reports on kids' lack of activity, but this isn't just a revolution that's happening to our kids -- it's happening to us as well! Here's how to stop the deadly trend.


Jumpstart Your Morning with a Healthy Breakfast


In the early-morning shuffle to get the kids showered, dressed and out the door, it's an all-too-common habit for kids and parents to skip breakfast. If that sounds like your family, then you should know that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.


Five Fun After-School Snacks

Fruit kebob

There are days when the kids get home from school ravenously hungry and you need to feed them something -- and fast -- before they erupt into a tantrum or run to a friend's house for an unhealthy snack.


Four Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas

turkey wrap
While celebs like Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver advocate for healthier school lunches, most school districts still serve heavily processed, nutritionally empty meals. Check out this list of healthful yet kid-friendly lunch ideas -- just in time for back-to-school season!


The Benefits of Going Gluten-Free

woman eating
Not eating gluten-containing foods can be a challenge at first, but I have found that many of my clients experience dramatic health benefits when they completely eliminate gluten from their diets.