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Keep Those Resolutions Alive!

woman jogging on track

Tick-tock, tick-tock. We're approaching the end of January 2010. That means a few things are a given -- Valentine's Day is around the corner, spring clothes are coming out, and your dieting resolution might just be hitting the skids. Try these techniques to keep yourself on track.


Fast Track Your Way to Skinny Jeans

woman zipping up jeans

They're lurking in the back of your closet. They call to you when you accidentally pass them on the way to a fuzzy sweater. Yes, your skinny jeans are wondering when in 2010 they will get an airing in public.


5 Things To Do NOW for a Healthy New Year!

woman eating salad

There's nothing quite like a brand-new year. I love the idea of taking all the mistakes of the past and just tossing them out the window. While you're in the tossing spirit, why not leave that window open to throw away the idea of making New Year's resolutions -- and approach your decisions in a way that works?


Eat Well for a Pretty Face!

woman eating blueberries

Instead of spending a fortune on creams and serums, look no further than your fridge for secrets to supple and soft skin.


Stop Adding 10 Years to Your Face!

woman eating snack

Ladies, it's time to embrace aging as a lifestyle choice!


Easy Meals for Moms on the Go!

mom and kids cooking

One of the biggest complaints busy moms have for me is that there is never enough time to cook healthy meals. Here are some easy and healthy options to whip up in a flash!


STOP! Do Not Enter 2010 Until ...

woman dancing in the kitchen

Making your New Year's resolutions? Why not try keeping them before the new year gets started?


Face the Facts: You Can Eat Your Way Pretty

woman drinking water

Look no further than your kitchen for secrets to beautiful skin.