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Halloween Doesn't Have to Make You Fat

woman eating candy

Most of us get scared to death as bags full of Halloween candy call out to us from store shelves. Some of you are convinced that you get fat just looking at these harbingers of hedonism. Guess what? It doesn't have to be that way.


Sneaking Kids' Foods Is Ruining Your Diet!

woman eating french fries

I have a friend who is a mom and an addict -- but it's not what you think. Yesterday she called me and said, "Help me, JJ. I am a Goldfish-aholic." What kids' foods can you not live without?


Curb Your Cravings

woman eating sundae

OK, you're hungry and you have visions of chocolate molten lava cake with hot fudge sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream dancing in your head. Or maybe it's the salty chips and crackers that are seducing you from the pantry. Just what's behind this sneaky carb devil that shows up in your day, sticking his pointy fork in your belly?


Nine Snacks to Combat Cravings

woman drinking fruit smoothie

If you find yourself nodding off at your desk, or slapping yourself in the face to stay awake behind the wheel mid-afternoon, you may well just be struggling with blood sugar imbalances due to insufficient nutrients -- or calories -- from your meals earlier in the day.


Got Energy?

energetic woman jumping in the air

You might be hooked on that little can of liquid energy, but there are other (and healthier) ways to get the same boost.


Slow Down to Slim Down!

woman eating donuts

Looking to drop some pounds? Read on -- our nutrition expert shares her secrets.


Is the Recession Making Us Fat?

overweight couple

Here's the lowdown on how the economy is making us fat, and what you can do for yourself to fix it.


Wintertime Wondermeals

There's nothing like a chilly winter day to conjure up happy memories of comfort foods that mom used to serve up, warming our tummies and our hearts.