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End Cyberbullying: Stop, Block, Report!

Tyler Clementi

In the world of Big Brother, is anyone safe? And who do we need to be safe from -- the technology, or the users behind it?


October Is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

Anti Bullying Month
I queried a group of a hundred seventh graders this week; more than 80 percent reported being part of a cyberbullying incident. October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. It's essential that parents explain to their kids the reasons why cyberbullying has such severe consequences for victims.


Are Your Kids Taking Their 900 Closest Friends to College?

Going off to college is a rite of passage, and much of it has to do with starting fresh. But how can our kids do that if they take ALL of their old baggage along for the ride? With Facebook, our kids are taking every FB friend, every past interaction and every documented moment to college, too.


App Helps You Decipher Your Kid's Internet Lingo :)!

S^. Yes, that's right -- I said: S^. If you're not sure what the heck that means, then you're just like millions of other parents out there who are wondering what language their children are typing. It figures: There's an app for that!


Top 3 Summer Learning Websites

computer keybaord

I love summer break, but as a teacher, I am always concerned with the break in learning. For those parents with elementary-age children who want to keep the learning moving, here are some educational online options for you.


Keeping Kids Safe Online This Summer

mother and daughter using laptop computer

Find out what you can do to keep your kids safe in cyberspace this summer.


Don't Let Your Child Follow in Jessi Slaughter's Footsteps

Jessi Slaughter

I feel that no 11-year-old (or any tween or teen) should be going online and making videos full of profanity and death wishes. When are we going to start talking about the real problem here?


What Is StickyDrama, Jessi Slaughter's Website of Choice?

In her shocking YouTube video making the rounds on the Internet, 11-year-old Jessi Slaughter says she frequents a website called StickyDrama. She's not alone: The controversial tabloid site is popular with teens and represents the seedier side of the Web.