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Beware of Free Wi-Fi

woman using laptop at cafe
Have you ever stopped in at a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi? Using that free hotspot may prove to be a very expensive experience. 


Kickass Ways to Deal With Cyberbullies

Who's really charged with disciplining cyberbullies -- the schools, or the parents?
More and more schools are finding themselves in an awkward predicament.


Teens and Textual Harrassment

Girl texting

"Textual harassment" is harassment via text messaging. It includes unwanted sexual solicitation, severe bullying, threats and constant messaging by an unwanted person.


Is a Computer in a Teen Boy's Room a Bad Idea?

Teenage boy using computer

We recently got my teenage son a computer to keep in his room for schoolwork. I am worried, however, that it will be too much of a temptation to have a porn-generating machine sitting in his bedroom.


A New Way to Monitor Kids on Facebook

Kid using computer

While I have never been a proponent of spying on kids who don't deserved to be spied on, I am a supporter of setting expectations that help guide young people toward making appropriate decisions about their online use.


Top 3 Summer Learning Websites

computer keybaord

I love summer break, but as a teacher, I am always concerned with the break in learning. For those parents with elementary-age children who want to keep the learning moving, here are some educational online options for you.


Top Four Ways Criminals Use and Abuse the Internet

keyboard and mouse

While the Internet has made all of our lives a little easier, criminals can now do their dirty deeds with as little as a click.


Your Kids May Want to Ban Facebook

Girl throwing laptop

I was shocked to discover that more than 50 percent of seventh graders surveyed (it was an informal survey I did myself, of only 100 participants) said that if their school was to ban Facebook for all middle-school students, it would actually give them some relief!