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Don't Post Vacation Plans on Twitter

Woman using computer

One man tweeted about being on vacation ... and came home to find out his house had been ransacked.


KidZui: A Safe Way for Kids to Surf the Net?

little girl using laptop

How realistic is this safe-web concept? I think it is a great tool to introduce the Internet to its youngest users. But because of the limited search and poor quality of images, I don't see school-age children really adopting this system.


Four Questions Parents Have to Ask

young girl using a laptop

In the final part of this week's Cyber Safety series, Internet Safety Specialist Lori Getz reveals the four questions every parent should ask to ensure that your kids are as safe as possible while online.


Keeping Kids Safe Online This Summer

mother and daughter using laptop computer

With summer right around the corner, our kids will be home with a lot more free time on their hands. Expect text messaging to go through the roof and online time to soar. In part four of our Cyber Safety series, find out what you can do to keep your kids safe in cyberspace this summer.


Think Your Kids Aren't Sexting? Think Again!

teenage girl texting

Everyone's heard about the dangers of sexting -- sending nude pictures and videos over the Internet -- but no one thinks that their kid would be dumb enough to do it. Well, they are, and they do, and it can change their lives forever.


Facebook Do's and Don'ts

woman using the computer

There's no doubt that manners are important. But who knew that there would be a whole new set of etiquette for online interactions? In part two of our Cyber Safety series, find out the do's and don'ts of Facebook.


Beware! Child Predators Are Targeting Moms

Beware! Child Predators are Targeting Moms

If it wasn't bad enough that child molesters are preying on children using the Internet -- now predators are going online and targeting moms so they can get close to their kids. If you have children, you HAVE to read this. It could save your child's life.


Summer Cyber-Parenting Tips

young girl using computer

Today's young people are known as Digital Natives. Their brains are physically wired differently from us as parents, and therefore they think and behave in a manner that sometimes seems foreign. As parents, we need to stop fighting their involvement in technology and begin talking.