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Can You Create a Smarter Baby During Pregnancy?

pregnant woman
Well, it's never too early to start your kids on the path to success and a smarter future. It almost sounds ridiculous, but does prepping your children for college start when they are developing in your womb?


Ad Campaigns Promoting Eating Disorders

Ad Campaigns Promoting Eating Disorders
This past August, the new campaign for Pretzel Crisps debuted, and its tagline was, "You can never be too thin." Who's writing these ad campaigns?!


Baby Carrots: 'Binge Better'?!

baby carrots
As a therapist dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of eating disorders -- anorexia, bulimia and binge eating -- I was troubled to hear of a new advertising campaign for baby carrots. 


5 Tips for Balancing Motherhood & Career

Woman working at computer
I remember the days of trying to meet everyone's needs in my family and in my career -- which is hard to do in a healthy and balanced way. Oftentimes, mom gets her needs met last, which only perpetuates the cycle of exhaustion and frustration within the family system. Here's how to stay centered amidst all the chaos.  


Pro-Eating-Disorder Websites Can Be Lethal

anorexic girl
Some people with eating disorders veer away from the recovery sites and go to sites that actually promote eating disorders. In the Internet world of eating disorders, these sites are called "Pro-Ana" (pro-anorexia) and "Pro-Mia" (pro-bulimia).


Unretouched: Military Wives Without the Photoshop

A budding boudoir photographer shoots military moms' real beauty -- saying no to nips, tucks and Photoshop -- and the women love the images they see!


Dietitian Mom Shares Tips for Feeding Finicky Children

sad looking boy

When you present your child with a balanced meal that you are also eating, don't succumb to the child's whining or fussiness about eating the food. If, to avoid the complaints, you end up making a new dinner you know they will eat, yes, it might be faster and less confrontational, but in the long run, your kids will know they have the power to use their fussiness to be picky eaters.


Why Marriage Matters

Bride and groom, wedding

I've been married for 26 years, raising two children who are now young adults in college. Although my marriage hasn't always been a bed of roses, my husband and I have gone through many life transitions together without losing hope that our marriage wouldn't dissolve -- even through my own struggle with and recovery from an eating disorder.