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Kid's 'Finicky' Eating: Food Phase or Eating Disorder?

It's not uncommon for children to be "picky" eaters, but how can you tell if your child's eating issues are associated with a life-threatening illness such as anorexia or bulimia?


Former Anorexic Says 'Eat Less' T-Shirt Is Shameless

Anorexic Tee

Having struggled with anorexia myself, I fear that the words "Eat Less" make starving yourself OK. Shame on you, Urban Outfitters!


Can Sex During and After Pregnancy Be HOT?

Pregnant woman in lingerie

Life changes once you enter motherhood, so often sex does, too. Our bodies change and we have new little family "additions" to tend to that can take the life out of sex. Here are some tips from a sex therapist on how to get your groove back!


Oprah Plans Reality Show on Eating Disorders

oprah winfrey

The media mogul is planning to launch a new docu-series called "Inside Rehab," which will show viewers the behind-the-scenes world of someone trying to recover from an eating disorder. But could the show potentially do more harm than good?


Dealing with Dumb Comments During Your Pregnancy

pregnant woman

It's been a long time since I was pregnant (my kids are 24 and 22), but I have found one thing that has remained a constant for pregnant mothers in my day and pregnant mothers today: People, especially strangers, say the dumbest things to pregnant women -- often with a negative spin, making you feel like your personal space and self-esteem have been invaded.


Did the First Lady Bite Off More Than She Can Chew?

michelle obama

While Michelle Obama has good intentions, her ideas on how to tackle obesity in children may actually have a negative rebound effect on the very kids she's trying to help.


Doing Repair 'Down There'

woman in her underwear

Saggy vajayjay got you down? Not to worry: The problem can be fixed ... for a price.


Who's Too Old for an Eating Disorder?

woman standing leaning forward against a wooden hand rail

When it comes to eating disorders, age is only a number.