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dr. michelle golland

Fighting with the Mom of Your Kid's BFF

two women arguing

Have you experienced a tiff with the mom of one of your kid's best friends? I have -- and here is my professional opinion on what you can do to mend the rift or leave the friendship altogether.


Dual Incomes Can Mean Dueling Partners

couple holding money
Let's face it: For most families, it is a necessity for both parents to be working -- just to make ends meet! I see many couples in my practice who are struggling to cope with limited time and limited resources. For some of these couples, the biggest challenge is dealing with issues of power and influence when it comes to money.


Religion Actually Makes You Happier?!

In general, I'm a very happy person -- and according to a 2010 study, that could be due in great part to the fact that I identify with a religion.


The Wrapping-Paper War

woman thinking about christmas and hanukkah

Back when I decided to convert to Judaism, I knew that the transition would be difficult for my family. But I had no idea that the real war would begin over holiday gifts.


'Dear God: Can I Please Have a Christmas Tree?'

boy dreaming of christmas tree

We were driving down the road in my black minivan. My son, Asher, was quietly sitting, staring out the window. Through my rearview mirror, I saw him shut his eyes and say it! It was an arrow through my heart.


Dealing with Annoying Relatives on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving family dinner
When thinking about going to your family's Thanksgiving dinner, does the fear of seeing certain relatives put a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach? You know the ones: the close talker, the nonstop talker, the massager, the bully, Debbie Downer and Mrs. Right About Everything! What is key is learning how to deal with these personality types. That way, your meal will be festive, fun and less stressful.


Divorce Undo: How to Get Back Together

couple hugging

Sometimes divorce just doesn't stick. Take Jamie and Lynne Spears (Britney's parents), who just announced they've gotten back together after being divorced for eight years. Is there a right way to reconcile? And is there a right way to tell your kids? Read on for advice from our expert, Dr. Michelle Golland.


Charlie Sheen: The Next Phil Spector?

Charlie Sheen

Whilte reading about Charlie Sheen's latest drunken, violent episode, I couldn't help but think of Phil Spector, who was convicted of murdering Lana Clarkson in a drunken haze ....