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dr. michelle golland

Dear God: Can I Please Have a Christmas Tree?

boy dreaming of christmas tree

We were driving down the road in my black minivan. My son, Asher, was quietly sitting, staring out the window. Through my rearview mirror, I saw him shut his eyes and say it! It was an arrow through my heart.


Cheaters, Narcissists and Sex Addicts, OH MY!

Tiger Woods

Let's face it --Tiger is not just a husband who is in a challenged marriage, but he is a serial cheater!


My 3-Year-Old Flipped Me Off

girl giving mom the finger

OK to be fair she didn't really flip me the bird ... but she might as well have. Lately, and without warning, my 3-year-old daughter, the love of my life, wants nothing to do with me. Yeah, she's only 3, and yeah, I'm a grownup, but it still hurts.


The Wrapping Paper War

woman thinking about christmas and hanukkah

When I decided to convert to Judaism, I knew that the transition would be difficult for my family. But I had no idea that the real war would begin over holiday gifts.


Laughter and Love

a couple laughing and in love

Not getting along with your partner? Try doing something fun together ... and fall back in love again.


Why Some Women Sleep with Married Men

Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, Rachel Uchitel

Why does a woman choose to sleep with a married man? The answer may surprise you.


The Cash Crunch Can Make a Couple Crumble

couple discussing finances

The economy has been challenging for everyone, but for couples that don't communicate well about money, it can be disastrous.


Tiger, Three Strikes and You're Out!

tiger woods, elin nordegren, jaimee grubbs, kalika moquin, rachel uchitel

So it seems now we have three women who are alleging affairs with Tiger Woods. I know you golf, Tiger, but in baseball, three strikes means you are out! But does that mean he has to be benched forever?