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CAP: Citizens Against Predators

During this year, we have seen too many stories about repeat child sexual predators being involved yet again in the rape or murder of a child. I am continually outraged by our unimaginably flawed system that is supposedly designed to protect our children from further harm. It's time for us moms to step up for justice -- and for the safety of our kids!


Kiss, Let's Do Lunch: The Frenemy Pandemic

two woman kissing
Recently I had an educational experience with a social acquaintance whom my husband and I both really liked: he was fun, silly, and fabulous. Then the bizarre incident occurred: he told one of my Besties I did something totally insane and untrue. I shivered ... would there be a boiling bunny on my front porch later?


Does Quinn Gray Have Stockholm Syndrome?

Quinn Gray

If you haven't been keeping up with the news, wealthy Florida woman Quinn Gray has been accused of faking her kidnapping and extorting money from her husband, Reid Gray. The real question is: Can she blame Stockholm Syndrome?


Michael Lohan: A Desperate and Despicable Dad!

michael lohan and lindsay lohan

To what lengths would any of us go to save our grown daughter from herself?


How Could a Serial Killer Go Undetected?

Anthony Sowell

Cops say Anthony Sowell is a sociopathic sexual predator -- but what allowed him to be successful was not his intellect. It was the fact that the police -- and the victims' families, in some cases -- chose to sit by and do nothing as he allegedly raped women in the Cleveland area. Where is the justice?!


Girls Can Be Bad Sports, Too

Elizabeth Lambert

New Mexico has suspended soccer player Elizabeth Lambert. In a championship game, she threw elbows, took out players for the other team at the legs, and finally yanked another player to the ground with a tug to her ponytail. Talk about mean girls!


Explaining Violence to Kids

U.S. Army soldiers bow their heads during a moment of silence
As hard as it may seem to turn something as horrific as the tragic shooting at Fort Hood into a teachable moment with our kids, it can be done. And it should be done: we can't assume that kids won't hear about these events simply because we monitor their viewing of the television in our own homes.


Why Teens Are Killing Kids

Alex Mercado, Elizabeth Olten

Why did a 15-year-old kill 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten? And why did a 14-year-old kill 4-year-old Alex Mercado? A psychologist sheds some light.