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Dads Suffer from Postpartum Depression, Too

More than one in 10 fathers become depressed after the birth of their child, according to a study published Tuesday. Dr. Michelle Golland gives the warning signs.


Khloe: Keep Using Birth Control!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Kris Jenner is reportedly pressuring daughter Khloe Kardashian to have a baby pronto. Here's why Khloe shouldn't give in!


Eek! My Son Wanted to Use a Pink Baseball Glove

boy with pink baseball glove

When our son came home last fall saying he wanted to play baseball, we were pleasantly surprised -- and a little worried, because he has been diagnosed with sensory motor issues. My mommy-worries shot up even more when he told us he wanted to use a PINK glove on the field!


Dads Who Are Disgusted by Childbirth

father in delivery room

Is it immature that some men don't seem able to get past the vision of their sexy wife pushing a watermelon out of her vagina -- which ends up looking nothing like the vagina they knew before the glorious event? Maybe, but it doesn't change the reality that some dads need a little understanding to get over the visual.


Runaway Mom Left Husband and Toddler to Start a New Life

Tiffany Tehan

Tiffany Tehan -- the mother who was reported missing on Saturday -- was found last night in Miami Beach, Florida. She told police she left with Tre B. Hutcherson to "start a new life."


Cameron Douglas: Is Fame to Blame?

Cameron Douglas

In asking the judge for leniency in his son Cameron's drug-trafficking trial, Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas said that his own fame was to blame. Can living in the shadow of a parent's spotlight be hazardous to a child's health?


What?? Some Men DON'T Want Sex?!

Some Men Don't Want Sex

Why are people so shocked when husbands don't want to have sex? It is not such a shock to me.


Swinging Married Couples -- A Good Thing?

couple in hot tub

It seems like swinging is the new black. But before you judge swinging married couples, it turns out their behavior may have some benefits.