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Homeless for the Holidays

As the Christmas approaches, families who have lost their homes are forced to change their holiday traditions -- or worse -- abandon them altogether. Rabbi Sherre Hirsch gives us tips on how to remember what's really important.


Grandparents in the News

A great parent gets their kids involved with the great GRANDparents!


Breaking the Rules with Grandma

Every year since from my high school graduation until her death last year my grandmother, Laura Dworkin spent a week with me no matter where I lived. (Except the year I lived in Jerusalem in a four story walk up.) It was our week -- just the two of us to spend time getting to know one another.


Would You Want Your Kid to Be President?

Guest blogger Rabbi Sherre Hirsch: I have high hopes of what my children will become when they grow up. But let them never become the president of the United States. Sure, it is the most powerful position in the free world ... but it is a terrible job, especially now. 


Ivanka Trump Is Converting for Love. Would You?

Converting for love. Ivanka's not the only one.


Win the ML Gal to Gal Gift Bag

Here's your chance to enter to win fabulous gift bags created in support of a wonderful cause.


Your Kids Are Watching You

I dreaded my own son's birthday party. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled that he was turning six and actually wanted to invite the entire class to his party. But the reality of hosting 25 six-year-olds for an afternoon of arcade, pizza, ice cream and miniature golf in the blazing valley sun was not exactly my type of "spa day." Regardless, I had no choice. 


Happy is Not Enough

Guest blogger Rabbi Sherre Hirsch: Recently, I was asked in an interview what are my hopes and goals for my son Emet. Easy question. "I want my child to be happy." But I hesitated. Happy is not enough. I want so much more for my children than happiness alone.