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'I Was A Late Bloomer'

Momlogic contributor Rabbi Sherre Hirsch: I got my period just after my 16th birthday. All of my friends had had their period for at least two years and, as a result, they were experts with a tampon. Of course, when I got my period, I had to wear a pad for the entire day. Pads used to be big and bulky -- they all looked like the ones you can now only find in airplane bathrooms.


Man Loses Job, Kills Family

A 45-year-old financial manager lost his job and watched as his portfolio was wiped out by the stock market collapse. Police say the stress apparently led him to kill his wife, mother-in-law and three sons (age 19, 12, and 7) and then take his own life. In these tough financial times, how do families keep the faith? Rabbi Sherre Hirsch weighs in.


Back to School Means Back to Mom

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch: As you prep your kids for the year ahead, don't forget the most important thing--you.


College: A Dangerous Place?

Who knew that the most dangerous place you might send your kid this year could be college? As the first day of school is almost here, many mothers are getting ready to drop their kids off at school. Turns out going to Bed, Bath and Beyond is not enough.


Five Recipes, 100% Stress Free

Now that summer's almost over, back-to-school dinners don't have to feel like the end of the world. Susannah Locketti has some great recipes for school-crazed moms.