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Falling Victim to My Eco Guilt on Earth Day

woman thinking

With Earth Day on the horizon, I wonder how I'll spend my day. Will I think of how far I have come, or fall victim to my Eco Guilt? Now that I am a mother, I have tried to teach my kids how to minimize their carbon footprint. Some of what I do includes recycling clothing. My eldest child's clothes have gone through four girls! Gymboree stuff never wears out! We recycle paper by using the reverse sides of everything. When used up, it gets tossed in the paper bin for further recycling. I don't buy water bottles or juice boxes. But why do I feel like it's never enough?!


Reluctant Soccer Mom

woman clapping and cheering

I acquiesced when my children first told me that they wanted to start soccer.


College Prep -- 13 Years Early

child wearing graduation cap and gown

After my eldest child had two weeks of kindergarten under her belt, she announced that she knew everything she needed to know in life, except she didn't know how to drive, didn't work, and hadn't been to college.


Retaining Youth


With the death of two icons from my childhood, I feel old. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I seem to be in a cloud of sadness. Not because I am grief-stricken, but more because I am mourning the loss of my youth.


Mathphobia 101

Terrified woman

I recently received my children's math placement for the fall. Unlike most parents, who would be ecstatic to see both their children recommended for an accelerated program, I am terrified.


When Kids Torture Animals

Tyler Hayes Weinman

I recently read about the young man who was arrested for allegedly killing and mutilating 19 cats in a Florida suburb. Specific details are not available in each case, but CNN did report that one of the felines was eviscerated.


The Not-So-Private Body

child wearing towel

Even before I became a child abuse pediatrician, I was keenly aware of the victimization of children.


Birth on a Plane?! Try a Car!

The story last week about the woman who birthed on the plane made me experience my own birthing flashback. My sister delivered my baby. This story would make sense if she were a doctor.