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dr. wendy walsh

The Playdate Rule Book

woman reading book

Okay, I've had it with the loosey-goosey playdates. Today the entire modern moms union has been assigned the task of stimulating their charges with peer-to-peer social lessons complete with driving. So, can at least have some rules here??


The Dad Double Standard

mom clutching child

If women live with a sexual double standard, then men live with a parenting one.


Are Creditors Keeping Tabs on You on Facebook?

computer monitor and credit cards

Here's another creepy way that social media is being used: credit card companies are considering using social media sites to judge your financial behavior. Translation: too many drunken photos with buddies could lead to credit card companies judging your financial behavior.


Kids and Sexy TV

Teenage girl watching tv

Television producers love to display tweenage sex and drama for millions of young viewers -- but fail to talk about the negative consequences of such behavior. That's where we moms have to come in.


Punished for Being Shy

shy girl

Now that my daughter is in first grade, her teacher isn't accepting her affinity for silence. While her empathetic kindergarten teacher would allow her to express herself through art, Ms. Drill Sergeant sent her to the principal's office for lip-synching during music class!


Should Elin Woods Take the Money and Run?

elin woods

The latest reports on the Tiger Woods saga/drama are that wife, Elin, has just returned from visiting with her share-the-wealth hubby in sex rehab. And now she has decided NOT to file for divorce.


Could Your Child Commit Suicide?

boy with head on table

The tragic suicide of a 9-year-old Dallas boy who was found hanging in a school bathroom this week has sparked much commentary about depression in children. Learn how to read the signs.


How Helping Others Improves Mental Health

helping hands

Watching the footage of the tragedies in Haiti or of those unemployed and struggling families in recession-torn America can bring great feelings of sadness, even when the suffering is thousands of miles away. The good news is that when those feelings turn into action -- altruism -- one can have long-term improvements in mental health.