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Draw Healthy Boundaries for Your Daughter

mother and daughter talking

In this fourth of five articles on tips for raising self-confident girls in a post-feminist age, the thought of the day is: DRAWING THE LINE.


Teach Your Daughter to Love and Be Loved

mother hugging daughter

Girls are tough to raise these days. With 40 percent of American babies currently being born out of wedlock and a 50 percent divorce rate, it is not realistic to assume that every girl will have a biological father on-site, let alone one who will be a good male role model. So mama, are you ready to provide one?


Give Your Daughter Intelligence

mother and daughter talking

Raising a self-confident daughter in a post-feminism age where choices are great, gender roles are fluid, and sexual messages are damaging is a confusing task for a mother. In this second of five articles on the subject, the key word is EDUCATION.


A Bladder Infection Made My Botox Disappear

woman hiding face

Did you know that there are five things that can deactivate your expensive Botox?


Why You Shouldn't Have Sex

couple on a date
What's the problem with shagging every opportunity that comes along? Plenty.


Teach Your Daughter to Respect Herself

Mom and daughter talking

While our girls are not confined to housewife-dom anymore, navigating gender issues in our world can be more challenging than ever. Here are some tips to help our daughters.


How to Raise a Confident Daughter

tween girl dancing

I remember the moment I held my first-born daughter in my arms. I breathed a deep sigh of relief that I was given a baby who runs on estrogen. Yippee! I silently cheered. I got a girl. Girls I understand. This is something I know how to shape ... and then they grew.


The Last Day of My Life

jim moret

If you knew you only had one day to live, what would be on your mind?