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Is It Sexist to Raise Kids To Be Ladies and Gentlemen?

Does gender-neutral parenting make us lose our manners?


Can Breast Milk Make Money?

woman breasfeeding
On the heels of the massive recall of infant formula made by Similac (due to its being contaminated with beetle parts!), new life is being breathed into the call for more human breast-milk banks in America. 


School Lunches Are Crap!

school cafeteria
This morning at school, I watched my 7-year-old dig into an unrecognizable white blob called breakfast. It was sort of a pancake, sort of a scone -- and mostly mush. I was curious, so I tasted it myself. As it plopped on my tongue, my mouth was immediately swamped by a paste laced with fake-cinnamon flavor and a ton of sugar. And I still don't know what I ate!


Can Playing Football Cause Suicide?

Owen Thomas
When parents send their athletic boys off to participate in one of America's favorite pastimes -- football practice -- the last thing they imagine is that their son's new hobby could contribute to his future suicide. But this week, the New York Times reported that a Penn State lineman who killed himself last April suffered from a trauma-induced brain disease that may have caused him to take his own life.


Should Mothers and Daughters Be Friends?

mom and daughter
Recently, my 12-year-old brought me her first real problem. I'll spare you the details, because the important point is that I felt honored that she would disclose such private adolescent material to her dear old ma. In my day, I wouldn't have dared breathe a word about my inner emotional world to my mother. But times have changed .... 


Sick of Moms Who Gossip!

women gossiping
Recently I overheard a mother at school gossiping about another mother, who wasn't pulling her weight with her volunteer activities. I found this bit of eavesdropping very amusing -- mainly because I'd had a heck of a time getting her to show up for anything that involved actual work


The Science of Cougars

Courtney Cox
We've all heard about the female in our modern culture who is so quaintly referred to as the "cougar." While the term implies predatory behavior (and some women have a problem with that), the trend has become so commonplace that it has even spawned a TV series ("Cougar Town").


Surviving the 'Mommy Politics' at School

mom at school
With such a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, it's possible for parents to help their children's schools while avoiding the social "politics" that might seem like a burden to some.