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Are You a Therapy Virgin?

Times are tough. Between recession stress, the rising rates of postpartum depression and the epidemic of cheaters who are crumbling marriages everywhere, there's no better time than now to vent in an office to an empathetic listener. If you've never been in therapy, here are a few things that might really surprise you.


Paris Hilton! What's Her Mother To Do?!

Paris Hilton; Kathy Hilton
Make clear rules for adult children -- rules that have logical consequences that you are prepared to follow through on. Words don't work, mama, but action sure does. I wonder when Paris' family will tighten their purse strings as a punishment?


Fantasia 'Heals' in Public?

Fantasia Barrino
Just two weeks after a suicide attempt, "American Idol"-winner Fantasia Barrino is back at work. Her recent appearance on "Lopez Tonight" was a mix of showmanship and downright honesty about her ordeal.


Letter to Elin, One Single Mom to Another

Elin Nordegren
Dear Elin Nordegren: Even though you told People Magazine that you "feel stronger than ever," please go slowly. In every way. In licking your wounds. In trusting others. And in giving your children time to adjust. Take time to sit with your sorrow and your tears. Running to people and places to find pretend happiness will only delay your healing. 


Help! My Baby Loves My Nanny More Than Me!

baby sitter
I'll never forget the first time that my toddler burst into the kitchen, crying over a boo-boo -- and ran straight into her nanny's arms, when ten more steps would have gotten her to me. In an instant, I felt flashes of jealousy and shame: Was I being a good enough mother? Does she love her nanny more than me?


Is Society to Blame When a Mother Kills Her Children?

Shaquan Duley
One tired grandma. Two young mothers. Five small children. A few food stamps and no job prospects. The situation would have been challenging for even the most psychologically prepared.  


Put More Laughter into Your Family Life!

family laughing
A couple of things happen when tragedy turns to comedy. First, we reframe our problems, looking at them from a perspective that is far less depressing. Then, as we laugh at the absurdity of our situation, happy hormones are released and we actually feel better.


Is America Becoming a Third World Nation for Kids?

Is America Becoming a Third World Nation for Kids?
Yes, we are in a financial crisis. Yes, plenty of families are struggling -- big time. And yes, more American kids are hungry and fewer are well-educated than in the last 50 years. But I also see the silver lining.