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Is Your Teen Addicted to Social Media?

teen girl texting

Before I could write this blog, I had to nag my 12-year-old for twenty minutes in order to wrangle my computer out of her hands. She was so focused on the various windows she had open -- Facebook and Twitter, accompanied by the background throbbing of an iTunes track.


Van der Sloot's Mother: A Study in Grief and Avoidance

Anita Van Der Sloot

Watching Joran van der Sloot's mother on "Good Morning America" today, I was struck by both her openness and her avoidance.


We Don't Need 'Viagra for Women' ... We Need Breakfast in Bed!

Woman breakfast in bed

To anyone who's listening at the FDA or at home: We mothers do not need a pill to have more active libidos. Fly us to a resort. Give us room service or breakfast in bed. Then stand back, boys. Watch how fast our libidos return!


When You're a Single Mother, Father's Day Can Suck


History aside, Father's Day is a tough one for me because I am a single mom with a just-short-of-deadbeat babydaddy. The idea of celebrating his annual 39 nights of childcare and the few pennies he's thrown my way does not thrill me.


How to Keep Your Man from Cheating

man with crown sitting on a throne

While a wife can't stop a cheater who is destined to wander, I maintain that she does have the power to drive a "non-cheater" into the arms of another woman. A nagging, demanding, critical wife can even make a good guy vulnerable to an affair.


Is Divorce Contagious?

Al and Tipper Gore and Karenna Gore Schiff

Just one week after former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, announced their divorce after forty years of marriage, their 36-year-old daughter is reported to be divorcing as well. Is divorce contagious?


Hey Lady Gaga, I Have 'Borderline Lupus' Too!

lady gaga

I watched my own mother battle the disease for most of her life until her death from breast cancer, and I myself have what's known as a positive ANA (antinuclear antibody test), meaning that I carry the gene.


Gore Divorce: A 40-Year Marriage Is Never a Failure!

How could 40 years of supporting each other, raising children, surviving grueling political campaigns and welcoming grandchildren be called a failure?!