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Cheerleading: Most Dangerous Sport for Girls

injured cheerleader

My two girls are gearing up for their second cheerleading competition, and I am a proud mama that they are both loving it so much and enjoy moving their bodies for fitness. But lately, I've become worried -- because cheerleading is now the number-one "serious injury" sport for girls. Yikes!


Moms Who Party WAY Too Much

moms who party too much

When we saw the blog "Your Mom Is at the Club," we had to wonder: Are moms partying TOO MUCH these days?


Arizona's Immigration Law: Dangerous for Children

Kid holding american flag

While lawmakers and partisan voters argue about the constitutionality of the new Arizona immigration law, no one is talking about the biggest danger: teaching racism to kids.


Politician Preaches Abstinence -- Except for Himself

Mark Souder

Picture this: Indiana Republican Representative Mark Souder holds a staged interview about the importance of teaching sexual abstinence. Then he gets caught -- for cheating with his secretary! Why can't high-powered male celebs and politicians keep it in their pants?!


Is Kelly Preston Too Old to Have a Baby?

Kelly Preston

When I heard about Kelly Preston and John Travolta's pregnancy announcement, my heart leapt with joy for this family that has endured so much tragedy. Despite my happiness, though, I found myself in a discussion with friends who were wondering whether Kelly is too old to have a baby ....


'When She Turns 18' Is Wakeup Call for Dads!

When She Turns 18

When we saw the video for the new song "When She Turns 18," we just couldn't look away. This singer, Christian TV, has a message for deadbeat dads everywhere ....


Are Your Kids Addicted to Social Media?

excited looking boy

Recently, I spent the weekend with friends who have a beautiful home full of amenities -- except for one crucial thing: no cell-phone reception for my BlackBerry to pick up static from the world. I survived perfectly well, but my 11-year-old would have had a problem.


Innocent Dance Moves or Totally Inappropriate?

Dance contest or kiddie porn

This week, a video circulated on the Internet showing a troupe of 7-year-olds from the "World of Dance" hip-hop competition doing a risqué routine to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." These children wore bra tops, booty shorts and high boots and did a bump-and-grind that was fit for a Vegas strip club. I was appalled. What has the world come to?