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9/11 Anniversary: Talking to Kids about Terrorism

world trade center

This 9/11, many parents will be wondering how to talk to their children about terrorism. For children who were not yet born or are too young to remember that fateful day nine years ago, questions may still arise, as the day will be commemorated in the media and they will likely overhear people recounting the horrors that occurred.


One Mom's Nervous Breakdown

woman screaming
We had these children by choice, and it's a parent's duty to raise responsible, kind and loving members of society -- no matter how hard it gets at times. But I had reached a limit I didn't know existed.


Why Is Academia So Hard on Working Mothers?

woman at school campus
Flexible schedule. Summers off. Academia sounds like the perfect field for working mothers. Yet as a recent study out of Barnard suggests, women who seek to be both professional academics and mothers often find themselves struggling to succeed in either role.


5 Tips for Balancing Motherhood & Career

Woman working at computer
I remember the days of trying to meet everyone's needs in my family and in my career -- which is hard to do in a healthy and balanced way. Oftentimes, mom gets her needs met last, which only perpetuates the cycle of exhaustion and frustration within the family system. Here's how to stay centered amidst all the chaos.  


The Bad-Boy Mommy Friend

woman drinking wine
In less than two months, my new friend's irreverence toward the unspoken rules of mommy decorum went from being fun (at meetings and parties) to being frightening (when you mixed in actual children). 


Cyberbullying: A Back-to-School Survival Guide

kid using computer
Cyberbullying has reached epic proportions in our nation's schools, yet many moms are still in the dark about how to deal with the problem. Here's help.


Teaching Kids Perseverance

Teaching kids perseverance
Five years ago, I wrote my first picture book. I had no idea what I was doing. And five years and a whole slew of writing classes and critique groups later, I still have nothing published. Did I quit? No. Why? Because my father taught me "Kempers don't quit" -- and I want to pass that on.


school desk

No matter WHAT I do, my son (age 11) always forgets his homework from school. This happens at least twice a week.