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A Chat with Author and Mom Tess Gerritsen

Tess Gerritsen
Along with being a physician, mother of two boys and wife, Dr. Tess Gerritsen is also a New York Times best-selling author who has sold more than 20 million copies of her 22 books around the world. We got the chance to chat with her. Read on!


'The Locator's' Troy Dunn Reunites Families

Troy Dunn

Desperate to find your birth mother? Pining for your high school boyfriend? Troy Dunn, a.k.a. "The Locator," is your man! His show premiered Saturday, November 6th, at 10PM/9c on WeTV. We got in touch with this father of seven (yes, seven!) and got to know the intensely personal reasons why his job is so important to him.


Birth Control: Free at Last?!

 birth control pills

It's been over a half century since "the Pill" was made available to women, and thanks to healthcare reform, the day may FINALLY come when we can stop shelling out hundreds and hundreds of our hard-earned dollars each year for contraceptive purposes. But will the powers that be see family planning as preventive medicine?


This Mom Blogger Is Our Hero!

There's a lot of nonsense to wade through out here in the Wild West of the blogosphere. But every so often, you stumble across a post that just makes you say, "RIGHT THE EFF ON!"
Such is the case today with a lady who assumes the moniker "Nerdy Apple Bottom" and her awesome post, "My Son Is Gay."


Help Us, Fairy Jobmother!

Haley Taylor
In this economy, we could all use a little help. While some are struggling to make ends meet, some are struggling just to find a job! Meet Hayley Taylor, the Fairy Jobmother.


'Guitar Hero', Halloween Style!

One family takes their spook-tacular passion for "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" to new Halloween heights ....


Unspoil Your Child -- ASAP!

Unspoil Your Child Fast
With the holidays right around the corner, we have advice from the experts on how to "unspoil" your child -- ASAP!


Sleepovers No More

sad girl
I have never questioned my daughter's well-being or safety when she has slept overnight at her best friend's house. That is why I was shocked when the father of this family was accused of molesting his child.