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9/11 and School Spirit Don't Mix

9/11 and School Spirit Don't Mix

When members of the class of 2011 of one Detroit high school decided to design a class T-shirt, they never dreamed how much controversy they would stir up.


2009 Best and Worst Dressed Celebs

michelle obama and lady gaga

It was a year of many fashionable and fashion-failed moments. Just because they wear designer duds doesn't mean they always belong on the red carpet. Check out our 2009 Best and Worst Dressed Celebs list!


Sample Sale Seduction

woman shopping

Oh, inbox. How you beckon me with the gorgeous designer items at slashed prices you can so conveniently bring to my door. But it's the holidays, and I'm cold-busted. How am I to find the strength to delete your tempting, wicked invitations to my undoing?


A Fish (Mom) Out of Water (Sweatpants)

people having dinner

We live in a small farm town. I am an at-home mom. There is no need to be fancy. There is, however, one invitation-only event which required me to leave my comfy sweatpants and enter the world of control-top panty hose.


I Need Some New Apparel!

woman trying clothes

I am now at the age where the cute clothing stores for the early 20s set no longer work -- and I'm bummed.


Designer Duds Are a Disaster for Kids

children wearing fancy clothes
Watch out, Suri Cruise: Researchers have something to say about your designer threads and you're not going to like it: Haute couture has no place on the playground.


Halloween Is a Pedophile's Dream

pedophile silhouette looking at children on halloween

Forget Halloween being for kids -- Halloween is for pedophiles who enjoy seeing our little girls half naked and dressed like whores.


Sexy Halloween Costumes Scare Me

girl in french maid costume

I am crazy for Halloween. We go all out in our home. It's a time of year when no matter how old you are, you get to be a kid again ... that is, unless you are a kid.