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Kids Giving Back

Children are more involved in charitable works these days via the Web.


We always hear how the Internet is bad for kids, right? Well, here's a switch: The Washington Post reports that children and teenagers nationwide are getting involved in philanthropy more than ever, thanks to the Internet. 

In Club Penguin, a popular online game club for the elementary school set, more than 2.5 million kids gave their virtual earnings to charities in a contest last month. In response, the site's founders are giving $1 million to charities based on the children's preferences. (Those of us who yelled at our kiddos for being on Club Penguin too much last month are now bowing our heads in shame...)

Want your child to get in on all this do-gooding? For four other sites we love that help kids make a difference, Keep Reading...

Spread the Warmth

From Mom•Logic friend Dr. Gwenn, a heads-up about a wonderful charity initiative for the holidays.


"With all the recent ice storms and a colder New England December than I recall in a long while, it can be easy to take for granted warmth. But the truth is, many people today are without heat and electricity, and even when those tangible issues are fixed, many, many people won’t have the fluid resources to buy proper coats for the winter season.

Coat drives are one of my favorite holiday charities. They provide a service for everyone! They allow those of us with the good fortune of being able to afford new coats to weed out our old and give to those in need. And, they allow those in need to have a warm coat to wear during the frigid and long winter. Everybody wins..."

Keep Reading... to find out how you can help.

To find a Burlington Coat Factory near you, click here.

Give the Gift of Diapers

Donating diapers to low-income families may be the best gift of all.


When we read an article in the New York Times that reported one of the biggest needs of those living below the poverty line is diapers, we were shocked. Luckily, to combat this diaper deficiency, several "diaper banks" have opened across the country. Joanne Samuel Goldblum, founder of the New Haven Diaper Bank in Connecticut says, "People at the poverty level cannot keep up with basic needs—toilet paper, toothbrushes, feminine supplies and diapers.” According to the New Haven Diaper Bank Web site, “Infants need up to 12 diapers a day; toddlers about eight diapers a day. In low-income households, babies may spend the whole day or longer in a single diaper.” If you don't have a diaper bank in your city, check with your local chapter of food banks, Toys for Tots, or fire stations to see if they’ll accept diapers.

Knocking Our Socks Off

A 12-year-old girl launches a campaign today to send socks to soldiers.


Alison Mansfield is a 12-year-old on a mission. Today through Dec.15, this Fort Wayne, Ind. tween is collecting heavy wool socks to send to soldiers in Afghanistan. Her campaign, called "Socks for Soldiers," is not her first effort to help the troops—not by a long shot. Since 2005, she has collected letters, Girl Scout cookies and personal-hygiene items (from both individuals and corporations) that she ships to military personnel. You can send socks to: D. Mansfield, 7136 Pine Lake Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46814, where they will be packaged for shipment.

This story got us thinking: How can we encourage our own kids to give back to others? Keep Reading...

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