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Dine Out without Doing Yourself In

women eating out together

It's that time of the year when you're running around and don't really want to deal with making dinner. It just seems easier to pop into a local restaurant to grab a quick bite. Is it possible to do that while staying on your program? The amazing news is YES!


Lose the Baby Weight by Nursing!

can you lose weight from breastfeeding

A recent article in the New York Times touts the latest post-birth weight-loss trend -- nursing! While annoyingly skinny celeb mamas swear by its benefits, can it really work?


Busting Health Myths

woman holding a cup of coffee

Why is it that there is always some conflicting information about diet and fitness? One day you're supposed to eat grilled yak meat to shed pounds, and the next day it's going to kill you. Get the latest health info -- and find out whether it's fact or fiction.


Workout Baby!

baby holding dumbbells
It's nice to know that in New York City, there are still moms with so much cash to blow and such an unhealthy obsession with their kids' weight that they'll cough up $95 an hour for a personal trainer to whip their tubby tykes into shape.


Yes, You DO Have Time to Work Out!

mom working out by herself
After a full day with the kids, does the idea of grabbing your dumbbells or doing a little burst training on the treadmill seem more like wishful thinking? Here's how to make it happen.


Teach Your Kids to be Healthy in 8 Steps

Our diet and fitness expert shares tips on how to instill healthy eating and fitness habits in your child (without them knowing it!).


Flirting with 40: Working Out

woman pinching her waist

First on my list of things to work on as I flirt with 40 is getting in shape. There is nothing like seeing yourself on national TV and thinking "I know that is my face ... but whose body is it on?"


The Other F-Word

Girl looking at the mirror

If I could have had three wishes in high school, they would have been: 1) to be thinner, 2) to be thinner, and 3) to be thinner. But how do I set a good example for my daughter?