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hate sex less

5 Reasons to Hate Sex Less

couple in bed

Whether you're a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, "mommyhood" is a 24-hour juggling act allowing for little downtime and relaxation. We get it. But here are five reasons why you should still make sex a priority.


Mominatrix Tells Moms How to Hate Sex Less

Mominatrix Guide to Sex

After being climbed on and grabbed at by their little ones, it's no surprise that moms aren't that into getting the same treatment from their partners.


Sext Your Man ... and Hate Sex Less!

woman using cellphone

Too tired and stressed for a romp between the sheets? This week, the coauthor of "How to Be a Dominant Diva" gives us her top ways to hate sex less.


Four Ways to Hate Sex Less

ways to hate sex less

If you and your man still hump like bunnies after having children, more power to you -- but this is for those women who are too tired, too stressed or too overwhelmed to even THINK about sex after having kids.