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Are These 'Stop Childhood Obesity' Ads Exploitative?

"Stop Childhood Obesity" is an ad campaign aimed at children in Georgia, which has the 2nd-highest rate of childhood obesity in the US. The group has launched a series of black and white billboards and YouTube videos featuring overweight children revealing their feelings on health, food and bullying.


My Life as a Bipolar Mom

bipolar mom christina fender

Cristina Fender, 34, of Austin, Texas, is an aspiring writer, blogger, and mother of two who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2006. Each and every day, Cristina struggles to manage her condition while taking care of her family.


Healthy Lunches That Pack a Punch

Concerned about what's in your kid's lunch? Check out expert tips on how to make sure your kids are eating right at school.


Do You Think You're Thinner Than You Actually Are?

mom on weighing scale

A new study reports many overweight moms and children think they're slimmer than they actually are, according to researchers at Columbia University Medical Center.


New Study: The More Mom Works, The More Overweight Her Kids

working mom

A new study published by the journal of "Child Development" has now found a direct correlation between the amount of time a mother works out of the house and a child's BMI.


The Best Way to Bundle 'Em Up

kids winter clothes

Every so often, even the warmest spots in the U.S. get blasted with frigid temps. But just because it's fuh-reezing out doesn't mean your kids have to make like bears and settle in 'til spring -- or even the next thaw.


5 Things To Do NOW for a Healthy New Year!

woman eating salad

There's nothing quite like a brand-new year. I love the idea of taking all the mistakes of the past and just tossing them out the window. While you're in the tossing spirit, why not leave that window open to throw away the idea of making New Year's resolutions -- and approach your decisions in a way that works?


Beating Holiday Depression in the Elderly

sad elderly woman at christmas

According to Mental Health America, more than two million of the 34 million Americans aged 65 and older suffer from some form of depression -- and during the holidays, this number climbs.