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'Tis the Season of SAD

woman crying

Personally, I find winter in the Northeast to be akin to the eighth circle of hell. And I'm not alone. Here's some expert advice on how to kick SAD in the A$$!


5 Things To Do NOW for a Healthy New Year!

woman eating salad

There's nothing quite like a brand-new year. I love the idea of taking all the mistakes of the past and just tossing them out the window. While you're in the tossing spirit, why not leave that window open to throw away the idea of making New Year's resolutions -- and approach your decisions in a way that works?


How to Succeed at Resolution Writing!

woman writing

Here's my resolution to keep my resolution ... sort of.


'Mom, Am I Fat?'

girl with measuring tape

Do you know how to appropriately answer this question? Body image expert and author Jess Weiner shares her tips for addressing your daughter's body image issues, as well as your own.


Just One

woman lighting up cigarrette
It's not the smoking itself. I'm sure I'll stop someday, and maybe someday soon. But til then, it's my moment. The moment that's hard to come by, with kids and husband and workplace and friends.


Spineless Mom Defies the Odds

rose siggins

Last night on "Born Different: Unbelievable Medical Conditions" on the E! Network, an incredible mom was featured. Rose Siggins has no lower spine or legs due to a condition called Sacral Agenesis. Yet, she was able to give birth to two kids.


Just a Guy Overcoming His Fear

bruce sallan skiing

Last ski season, I had a pretty bad accident. I like to go in the half-pipe, and on my 13th time, on Memorial Day, I dropped in and the next thing I remember is waking up in the ski sled/gurney with a ski patrolman putting fingers in front of my face and asking "how many?"


Medicine by the Spoonful Not a Good Idea

Girl taking medicine

A new study has found that people over- and under-medicate when using household spoons to dole out medicine. Here's how to make sure you get it right.