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Busting Health Myths

woman holding a cup of coffee

Why is it that there is always some conflicting information about diet and fitness? One day you're supposed to eat grilled yak meat to shed pounds, and the next day it's going to kill you. Get the latest health info -- and find out whether it's fact or fiction.


'Prayer Is Our First Defense Against Illness'

christian scientist mom and family

Do Christian Scientist moms take their kids to the doctor when they're sick? To find out, we went straight to the source.


Ostracized for Swine Flu

women gossiping

A friend's son had swine flu a few weeks back ... and none of her friends wanted to be around her as a result.


Fruit Juice: Should the Glass Be Empty?

Boy drinking orange juice

Once and for all: is juice good for our kids or not? Pediatrician Dr. Cara Natterson sets the record straight.


My Son Has the Swine Flu: A Daily Journal

bruce and will

We just learned that our older son, Will, has the swine flu. Fortunately, we didn't panic or allow the hysteria of the MSM (mainstream media) to scare us to death.


All You Ever Wanted to Know about Swine Flu

family lining up for swine flu shots
Ask any mom who's tried to get the swine flu vaccine lately and you're bound to hear tales of fruitless calls to doctor's offices and endless promises that more doses are imminent. With health officials urging us to line up for the precious H1N1 shot and critics drumming up fears of scary side effects, it's no wonder the swine flu pandemic has turned into pandemonium.


Halloween Fallout: The Candy Carnage

woman with chocolate on her face

It started with a miniature Mr. Goodbar on Halloween night. I mean, Mr. Goodbar is a nostalgic candy -- it reminds me of my childhood (circa 1983), walking down to 7-11 with my brother Jeff on warm summer nights. How could I resist perfectly roasted peanuts in creamy Hershey's milk chocolate?


Yes, You DO Have Time to Work Out!

mom working out by herself
After a full day with the kids, does the idea of grabbing your dumbbells or doing a little burst training on the treadmill seem more like wishful thinking? Here's how to make it happen.