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Baby "Guzzles" Beer to Prove a Point

A billboard meant to combat underage drinking uses a baby as its poster child.


Ralph Lauren's Photoshop Retouch Disaster

Reason number #3843 on the list of why our daughters struggle with body image.


Vagina Angst

unhappy woman in bathroom

I have come to believe that no male physician, no matter what his education, training, and experience, can truly understand the angst a woman experiences when her vagina gets sick. Consequently, when I am having an embarrassing female issue, the last thing I want to do is seek help from some a**hole doctor with a penis.


Why Moms Procrastinate

mom at a laptop procrastinating

Do you put things off? Us, too. But don't put off reading this article -- it just might change your life.


Petting Your Way Through the Blues

girl lying down with dog
Pets can have a calming effect on people of all ages -- from fussy toddlers to kids with ADHD to teens battling depression to seniors. In fact, research has shown that interacting with your pet can lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce your risk for heart disease.


The Best Tips for Keeping Your Family Fit!

momblogic kids biking

Our online community has leaked the slyest secrets to keeping your family fit. We've found tricks to treat your family. Get crafty healthy recipes and clever exercise routines. Get up! Go out! Have fun!


The Swine Flu Vaccine: When, How, and is it Safe?

nurse administers flu vaccine
Almost everyone in the business of predicting what the winter flu season will look like agrees: the novel H1N1 "swine flu" will be back with a vengeance. But questions about the vaccine abound: when and in what quantity will it be available? Does it work? Is H1N1 even that bad? And what are the side effects?


When Healthcare Reform Gets Personal

woman looking sad with the us capitol building

My mom calls my sister and me seven-year twins -- born almost a decade apart but connected as though we lived side-by-side in the womb. My sister and I both suffer from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (lupus). The one vast difference in our lives, among our many similarities, is that I have medical insurance and she does not.