Hot Diet Trend: Ear Stapling?
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The interesting thing is that some current research (OK, papers published mostly in Australia in the late '90s) has found some validity to the stapling phenomenon. Some believe that the portion of the ear to which the staple is attached (a portion of cartilage), is linked to increased production of serotonin (that hormone that produces good feelings), which leads to suppressed appetite.

However, on the flip side, researchers at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic seem to think ear stapling is a bunch of hooey. All of the research supporting the practice clearly states that proper diet and exercise must be included to see results. So the Mayo folks figure that if you eat properly and exercise, you'll probably lose weight anyway. Good point. Another good point: Medical professionals warn that there is a risk of infection from the procedure -- especially if the staple is not inserted by a trained professional.

Bottom line: If you wanna try sticking a piece of metal in your ear, be sure you visit a licensed acupuncturist.

I'm thinking the only things I want stuck in my ears are some diamond stud earrings. How about you?

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