Married Women Hate Sex
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Interestingly enough, none of the women's husbands would agree to be on camera, but we did meet "John," a married father of three--ages 9, 7, and 4--who agreed to talk to us anonymously about his sexless marriage:

Momlogic: How has your sex life changed over the years?

John: When I first met my wife and we were dating, we had sex all the time. My wife was uninhibited and she instigated sex equally. She also really seemed to enjoy it, which isn't really the case now. Now I feel like it's more of a chore for her than something she really wants to do.

Momlogic: How often do you have sex?

John: Once a month... if I'm lucky. I used to tease her about it and ask her to have sex with me all the time but then I started feeling like a leech, so I stopped asking so often. Now I try to initiate something once in a blue moon--and I think she just gives in to get me off her back.

Momlogic: How does that make you feel?

John: I go through every emotion from anger, to frustration, to loneliness, to just wanting to leave. But I would never leave because I love her and I want to be with her--it's just that I want to feel as if we're connected by something other than just our children. I want to feel as if there is a connection between us, the way there was in the beginning.

Momlogic: Do you and your wife talk about how you feel?

John: We have. She says that she doesn't really know why she doesn't have the desire anymore. She claims to still love me but says that she's tired at the end of the day. She says she spends all day giving everything she has to our kids and at night the last thing she wants to do is to "give" more to me.

Momlogic: Have you ever thought about leaving your wife or having an affair?

John: I'd be lying if I said that I had never thought about being with someone else. Those are just really fleeting thoughts though. I know that in the end, we will stay together no matter what. We love each other and I am just hoping that when the kids are a bit older and are more self-sufficient she'll feel like she has more to give.

Should a mom with no desire for sex now worry that her husband is going to find it elsewhere? Keep reading for our expert advice.

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