Michelle Obama on Hannah Montana and Toned Arms
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6. When you wore that dress on The View did you love the fact that "White House" was in the brand name? Well, I love pretty clothes at a prettier price. And so does my husband!

7. What's the best dish that you cook? Unfortunately cooking has never been one of my strong suits -- but when we're all together at home, Barack, the girls and I like to spend time together making chili and homemade pizza.

8. What is your response to people referring to you as an angry black woman? Barack and I have been in the public eye for many years now, and we've developed a thick skin along the way. When you're out campaigning, there will always be criticism. I just take it in stride, and at the end of the day, I know that it comes with the territory.

9. What's your most embarrassing mom moment? Well, I can't really think of any right now, but I'm sure there'll be plenty once the girls get to that age where everything their parents do embarrasses them!

10. What's the one thing about parenthood that surprised you the most? I think the most surprising thing about having two little girls is how perceptive they are. They really pick up on things that I'd never imagine they'd notice, or even care about.

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Michelle Obama on Hannah Montana and Toned Arms