Michelle Obama on Hannah Montana and Toned Arms
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17. What's in your iPod? A lot of Stevie Wonder. I also love to listen to Norah Jones, Jill Scott and Beyonce.

18. What are you reading this summer? Well, Song of Solomon is one of my favorite books, but between campaigning and running around with the girls, I'm lucky if I get to read a couple of paragraphs of the New York Times these days!

19. Are your children aware of the racial tension in your husband's candidacy? My oldest, Malia is definitely aware of the significance of her father's candidacy, but mostly in the historical sense. She's aware that there was a time when both African Americans and women did not fully participate in society, and understands how special it is that both her father and Senator Clinton were competing for the nomination. More than anything, I'm so happy that my girls will grow up where the prospect of a woman or African American president is normal. And that's one of the major reasons why our family has invested so much into this campaign - I want them to grow up in a world where they don't have to limit themselves, where they can dream and achieve without ever hitting a glass ceiling.

20. Katie Couric said Sexism is a bigger problem than racism. As a black woman, what's your take? I didn't see what Katie Couric said, but I think that there are several obstacles, including sexism and racism, that we must overcome together as a nation. And that's why Barack is running for President, and why so many people have gravitated towards his message of unity, hope and change. As I've traveled across the country over the last year and a half, I've come to learn that despite differences that we may have on the issues, we all love our country, we love our families and want to succeed, and I see these as signs that we're ready to come together as a country to solve our nation's biggest challenges.

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Michelle Obama on Hannah Montana and Toned Arms