Olympic Mom: Jennie Finch
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ML: This year may be the last year for Olympic softball. How do you feel about that?

Jennie: It's a shame. It's a sport that's growing in popularity around the world, and my teammates and I plan to work hard after this Olympics to get it reinstated.

ML: Do you feel guilty spending time away from your son when you are away?

Jennie: Yes, of course. I try my best to focus on the positives and spend as much quality time with Ace as I can. I do feel guilty, but then I look at him and he's a happy, good little kid and I know it's ok. He's had some experiences--because I play softball--that are really cool, and I keep little things from the tour or the places we go so that when he gets older I can remind him that he was part of all of this.

ML: Both you and your husband are athletes. What are your hopes for your son?

Jennie: We just want him to be happy doing whatever he chooses. Right now, he's not interested in baseball or anything. It's cars and trucks--sometimes he throws the trucks, so maybe someday we will sneak a ball in there. For me and Casey, it's our job, and it's not something we really do at home together. Maybe it will be in the future, and at that point maybe Ace will enjoy it as a family activity. But we are not pushing it.

ML: What excites you the most about Beijing?

Jennie: I'm excited to represent my country--there's no greater honor. It's amazing to compete on such a grand stage against the greatest athletes in the world. The whole experience is just wild. I love walking around the athlete village and seeing so many amazing athletes. It's hard to describe.


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