At Home with Shawn Johnson
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Momlogic: With so much pressure to be thin, do you worry about her body image and diet?

Teri: I worry about her all the time, but I worry because it's a dangerous sport. Whether it's practice or competition, I worry. Until this year, the Olympic year, Shawn has never been conscious of what she eats. Her transition this year into being concerned about her body is a natural instinct for an elite athelte. They want to be the best they can be. Shawn's coach encourages her to stay healthy by eating right and staying strong.

Momlogic: How does it feel to watch your daughter compete at this level?

Teri: I'm incredibly proud of her and how she's managed to maintain being "Shawn" through all of this. I'm thrilled to see the excitement in her face and in her actions when she's accomplished something big. It reminds me that she's still my little girl.

Momlogic: What is Shawn's training schedule like? Does she have time for anything else?

Teri: Shawn trains four hours a day Monday through Friday and five hours on Saturday, she has Sundays off. It's been a constant like this for our family so we are used to it, and she doesn't have siblings which makes it easier. When she's not at the gym, we all do normal family activities together.  She seems to have plenty of time to be a "regular kid" she just spends less time wasting time. She doesn't spend a lot of time watching tv or laying around. When she's free, she's with us or her friends.

Momlogic: What would you tell moms of young athletes looking to accomplish what Shawn has?

Teri: Love them, period. Let it be their dream.

Check out Shawn Johnson in action.

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