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kate meyers

Diary of a 50-Year-Old Bride, Part 1

It was not a unilateral plan or decision. It was a long time in coming, and although I may have been impatient along the way, I think the long-time-in-coming was a good thing.


Divorce Dialogues: 'I Wasn't Married to a Horrible Person; I Just Wasn't Happy'

The horrible thing about divorce, no matter if it's right or wrong or if you're doing the right thing, is: It's physically painful. My body just hurt.


Divorce Dialogues: 'Try to Have a Civil Relationship with Your Ex'

couple back to back

Jennifer O. is an ophthalmologist in Pennsylvania. She's twice-divorced and has been happily married for the last 14 years. She and her second husband divorced when her oldest son was 6 months old. Her son's now 18, and she also has a 12-year-old. Here's her take on her long journey.


How a 10K Brought Me and My Teen Closer Together

girl flexing arm

I walked a 10K race in town with my daughter on Monday. We talked, we observed, we felt the endorphin pleasure of working our bodies. I think it's while spending time without expectation that good things come.


Kid's Lesson: Keep Going and Fly

Boy jumping

Kids have so much to teach us if we can just open our adult eyes and our overly frenetic brains and take it in. Recently, I learned some important life lessons from a little boy I met in Alabama while visiting my boyfriend.


Life Lessons from Yoga

Woman meditating

I have been attending Bikram yoga classes for nine years. Bikram (90 minutes, 26 poses in a 105-degree room) is so strenuous and demands so much focus that I stop thinking about anything else. The result: I am treated to a vacation from my head.


The Government Needs Mom Clean-Up Skills!

woman holding broom

When your kid breaks the fish tank, you don't first assign the blame or figure out the punishment -- you clean it up. The government has clearly screwed the pooch on this one, and pressuring BP is clearly not working.