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Why I Like It When Strangers Help My Child with Special Needs


Last week, when we were on vacation at the beach, I was very thankful for the kindness of strangers.


Camp Competition Is Fierce!

girl with bow and arrow

The pressure. The waiting lists. The judgment. You'd think I was talking about getting my child into an Ivy League school instead of SUMMER CAMP. But I recently found out that competitiveness and pressure aren't just for the school year anymore.


Is Age 3 Too Young for Gifted and Talented Testing?

kid writing

Testing for a young child's "giftedness" is laden with controversy as is, but in New York City, the issue is about to get a whole lot more controversial. Tests administered in 2012 might be dialed back to include kids as young as 3!


Keep Kids Away from Fireworks!

kids playing with sparklers

I'm an emergency room physician, and some of the most tragic injuries I have witnessed occurred because children handled fireworks. Children should NEVER be handling fireworks --under any circumstances!


70 Kids Have Drowned in US Since Memorial Day

Seventy kids have drowned in the United States since Memorial Day ... and there have been 80 near-drownings. Every year, 300 children younger than 5 drown in pools and spas. Here's how to keep your kids safe.


Zach Anner Is My Idol!

Zach anner

A lot of people laughed when they first watched the video by Zach Anner, the twentysomething with cerebral palsy auditioning for Oprah's "Your Own Show." I laughed, too. I also cried. As the mom of a little boy with CP, I ache for the world to see my child that way.


Why Are So Many Little Kids Up Till All Hours?!

kid yawning

I was walking through NYC's Union Square Saturday night at 11 PM. There, amidst dozens of skateboarders and bar-hopping drunks, I spotted lots of little kids (aged, I'd guess, somewhere between 4 and 9). Why weren't these kids in bed?


Is World Cup Hazardous to Kids' Health?

Soccer Ball

In the past two weeks, we've heard several stories of kids tragically dying or being critically injured during the World Cup.