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Teach Your Children To Be Good Guests

child sitting on a couch
There is an art to being a guest in someone's home. You'd be surprised how many adults don't grasp this, and kids ... well, now's the time to teach them! 


Divorce Undo: How to Get Back Together

couple hugging

Sometimes divorce just doesn't stick. Take Jamie and Lynne Spears (Britney's parents), who just announced they've gotten back together after being divorced for eight years. Is there a right way to reconcile? And is there a right way to tell your kids? Read on for advice from our expert, Dr. Michelle Golland.


Should I Fire My Daughter's Godmother?

note pad
At first, my friend Kara was a dedicated godmother. She was right there when my daughter was born, and for the first seven years never missed a birthday, Halloween, Valentine's Day or Christmas. But two years ago, things started to change.


Welcome to Elementary School, Sergeant Hulka

The Los Angeles Public School System has a reputation for having not-so-great schools, and I might have agreed two years ago, when we had an ineffective principal. But the following September, we were greeted at the school entrance by a new, serious-looking principal.


13-Year-Old Has Full-Sleeve Tat!

There are photos circling the Web of a 13-year-old with a full-sleeve tat! Even as a tattooed mom, I think 13 is WAY too young to get a single tat -- let alone a full sleeve. Can you imagine how challenging it would be for our teenaged girls to come up with a tasteful option for masking their "Bieber Forever" tats?


Why Do Kids Bully?

Bullying is at the forefront of parents' minds this year, as numerous bullying-related suicides have been reported. And bullying isn't just happening on the playground. We talked to an expert to find out more about the psychology behind the behavior.


Is Your Caregiver Undermining Your Parenting?

We live in a time when so many of our kids are in childcare, and while there is a modicum of research that tells us that childcare is not detrimental to our children, it is well known that the people who care for our children can have a profound influence on them for the rest of their lives.


My Child Doesn't Believe in God. Is It My Fault?

kid inside a church
My 11-year-old daughter told me last week that she does not believe in God. She said it firmly, said that she stands by it and that a lot of people feel the way she does. I didn't know whether to feel extremely proud of her intelligence and strength to stand by her beliefs, or wonder if I had failed somewhere by not taking her to church or temple service.